What is Bitcoin Pay?

1:10 Match with Original Chain Assets, 210 million, No Pre-Mining

What problems do Bitcoin Pay attempt to solve?

After nine years of rapid development of Bitcoin, high transactions fees and Bitcoin no longer meets the demands from rising numbers of clients. And various kinds of problems have arisen, which mainly consist of the following aspects:


Use any address of an on-chain wallet (that can export your private key) to deposit Bitcoins to your own address.when UTC+8 time December 16, 2017, BTC block height 499345 execution fork.After the fork, your BTC is freely usable again, however we recommend to wait at least 100 blocks before using your BTC for something else.For safety, after the fork, transfer the coins in your Bitcoin wallet to another wallet and import the private key to your BTP wallet. You will then be able to see your balance and start using the BTP.