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The currency market caused panic, a little red BTP what’s the head?

1.A suspected policy of bad news outflow, false news runs rampant, coin price waterfall caused panic.
According to the data, only three of the top 100 currencies in the world today rose in price, including the price of bitcoin, the ether and the currency. Ethernet fang is the lowest drop to about 7500, or nearly 20%, whereas halved in part of the counterfeit currency, in the new currency, including day medicine, hero will appear different degree of broken, psychological pressure caused greatly to retail investors. Bit wu comments: Now the market is full of false news, Lao wu is deeply felt: the decline is still continuing, what the makers hope to see is, everyone curses, one side shipping. The banker doesn’t care about the price, only the chips he can get. So don’t look at the price, the price has no basis. The bookmakers are bound to fall in the band, in the process of testing our psychological price. At this point, there are actually three operations:
(1)either all sold, decisive sell, then pick up the goods in the low post back, the whole do low price, it will make cost down and will be a warm and big winner, but the risk is bigger, represented the etheric fang’s drop could see, a lot of people compete in the market, no shipment, banker also didn’t get a chip, so the decline continues.
(2)either in the process of falling, falling prices are easier to do than rally band, is very simple, because this stage banker’s behavior and mentality better handle, can be continuously to recover in the band. If you look at the K line, you can see that it’s not always going down, it’s going to be the band down. You can do this with time.
(3)keep still, I already said in the morning, this market, first of all mentality not to collapse, do not easily end, not to believe the outside false news. The profit disk is so big, the banker must wash out. Now that you have earned it, don’t be cannon fodder. The dealer is needed for making bad whipsaw, bad they are not made, the national policy is the fuse, they also use tools. This policy is unimaginable and terrible is your own thinking and panic. Do not take the thinking of leek, want to earn billions of funds.
Digital assets, non take the death of non indifferent to Ming, not take the dead can’t get rich! Do not control the hand is the value or air, the global digital assets are not 5 trillion, the bubble period is not, are good coins.

2.what the hell? A little red in the green series?
Today, someone asked me what the coin was. All fell, fell idiot, suddenly found a little green leaves red, this BTP is what, why have dropped only one red so amazing? And after a few days of observation, it was found that one was on the rise. After careful study, Wu found a clue.
Comment: Wu checked the data, found a bitcoin currency is bifurcated, the body is the bitcoin payment application scenarios. The guy who is against the trend feels that a mysterious team is not able to understand the operation, but the visual chip is highly concentrated. Otherwise, the disk will be smashed back. But at present, not on the main chain, Wu felt very likely the banker is want to borrow this wave of decline, with their fame, do not rule out will continue to rise, because now the backbone is not, and did not spread out candy.

3.The gold finance, the coin world sings the empty coin price?
On micro-blog yesterday afternoon, two suspected golden financial workers left the company because they were unbearable to leave the company to reap fake leeks.
As soon as the news came out, I and my little partner were stunned by the wood. But then golden Caijing deleted the two micro-blog, and made a statement saying that it was a fraudster forged PS.
After that, a business relationship map was circulated on the Internet. We also inquired about the business relationship between the Golden Finance and the currency world. The currency world and the golden finance indeed had direct and indirect controlling relations with the fire currency.
Big cat comments: as a media, we should be honest and realistic about what happened, and lose the authenticity of the reports. Can news be called news? If the media and interest groups collusion to confuse the public, fish leek, said tap called no occupation ethics, that is to say the crime!
Wave field Sun Yuchen is rumored to run away from 0.26 dollars all the way down to $0.07, before the price has been in the wave field in the average price of $0.002, the transaction occurs in 11 at the end of last year, and in mid December rose to $0.06, after a small fluctuation in half a month later, in January 1st, began to force the soaring or, to present almost amazing 90 degree curve.
The cat comments: wave field before a road network upload since Sun Yuchen stride forward singing militant songs, high cash since all the way down, price 0.072 dollars, for the wave field of how the future we sustained attention.

4.Russian businessmen buy two power stations for digital currency mining.
According to foreign media reports, is located about 1200 kilometers east of Moscow and Perm Uhde Murthy A two power plants will be re integrated into the data center and mining operations to.
Russia has been rocking the encrypted currency, but the good news is that Russia is preparing to pass legislation to legitimize the organized encrypted currency trading platform.
The big cat commented: “it is a fighting nation. It is different from what we do. Buy power plants to dig coins. According to foreign media reports, Russia will legitimize and standardize the country’s encrypted currency trade in July 2018, while mining and trade ciphers will also be taxed.

5.Foreign media: China will increase the strength of the digital currency against the online platform and App is the focus.
According to foreign media reports, China will intensify its efforts to crack down on digital currency transactions such as the special currency. This is mainly focused on providing online platforms and mobile apps (App) that are similar to the exchange services. Last year, China had banned digital encrypt currency transactions. But in the near future, the Chinese government has found a rise in other alternative places.
For this reason, the Chinese government plans to block the centralized trading platform at home and abroad, and provide the overseas website platform for centralized users’ virtual currency transactions, and close its mobile applications, people familiar with the matter said. In addition, the Chinese government plans to combat individuals and institutions that provide market maker (market-making), settlement and liquidation services for centralized transactions.
Big cat comments: the state must control the financial risks, which can be understood by everyone. But now the exchanges are registered abroad. They do not belong to the scope of national control. If we take the way of shielding, can we really block it completely?

6.Coin ANN, whose cake is it?
According to the Wall Street horizons reported in the “coin circle Jia Yueting” Sun Yuchen run away under the condition of currency security will still wants to create a virtual currency wave of online transactions, in addition to exchange currency an issue their own tokens BNB scarcity through the mechanism of destruction of recovery, which has $15 billion in assets.
Big cat comment: only because BNB has 15 billion assets, this does not include other business profits, 15 billion is not a little bit!


Dear BITCOIN PAY supporter:

Due to the time difference, we sent the late notice, BITCOIN PAY has been successfully split at 499345 of the UTC+8 (8:15) block, EXX.COM And OURDAX.COM A snapshot has been given first. All the holders of the bitcoin can get the BTP on the original chain. And we have told a number of exchanges to take.
Best wish.


Dear BITCOIN PAY supporter:

Due to the time difference, we sent the late notice, BITCOIN PAY has been successfully split at 499345 of the UTC+8 (8:15) block, EXX.COM And OURDAX.COM A snapshot has been given first. All the holders of the bitcoin can get the BTP on the original chain. And we have told a number of exchanges to take.

——BitcoinPay(BTP) TEAM

Project name: Bitcoin Pay Fork height: 499345
Fork time: (UTC+8)December 15, 2017 Replay protection: Double directions
Mining algorithm: CPU mining Premine: NO
Ratio to Bitcoin: 10 : 1 Total: 210 million
Official site: Project team: Bitflyer


BTP strong bear market, is still up?

Looking at the decline in the currency circle in recent days, not only has Bitcoin plummeted, but the USDT has also been rocking. This 30-50% loss is irrelevant to long-term players. This is not the case with Bitcoin Prime app. It is one of the primary bitcoin trading apps launched to get you the highest possible returns. The efficacy of the software is proven through bitcoin prime test and the bot makes you respond faster when the crypto market demands for it without your active involvement. Unload the APP and then come back in a few months. You might even be making a lot of money. But in a market howl, there’s always a premium currency that can go up against the trend and the price goes up instead of falling.
But there is a currency that can survive. BTP, known in English as Bitcoin Pay, in Chinese, is known as bit payment, during the period when the price of a virtual currency fell across the board. BTP rose from $16 to a peak of $139. 99, and is still stable at more than $120, up 870%. This is a unique achievement in bear market currency circles. This BTP currency can be effectively traded in the same way as Bitcoins can be traded utilizing crypto-robots like Crypto Superstar app to generate high profits.

Why can BTP do this in a bear market?

Starting with the aristocratic pedigree of BTP, bits are paid by Switzerland, Italy, Canada, the United States, Japan, Korea, and China. Bitcoin bifurcation, co-sponsored by seven national technical teams. The miners will begin to implement the new algorithm after the bitcoin bifurcation is implemented at block height 499345 and the bit-payment chain is created. And in the original features of Bitcoin, data migration and privacy security level. BTP support isolation verification, enhance privacy protection, use bidirectional replay protection. Mining using GPU. Expansion of the block is 8 m, a total of 210 million.
BTP can actually solve the actual pain point problem in the original chain of bitcoin BTC. The current bitcoin block size is 1m, which can no longer meet the current network transaction volume. As more and more Bitcoin network transfers occur, many transactions will not be packaged and confirmed in the first block after the transaction, which will take a long time to wait, resulting in the problem of congestion in Bitcoin transactions. As a result, the transfer speed becomes slower and the handling fee is higher and higher. BTP expands the block size to 8m, which can effectively solve the practical problems existing in bitcoin BTC network. It can be said that BTP is an upgrade of BTC.
At the same time, after the success of BTP bifurcation, it has been supported by many large virtual currency trading platforms, such as ZBX Coin Egg-EXX. Large trading platforms have strict screening criteria for currency exchange. Only currencies that meet a range of high standards can log in to large platforms to trade. BTP is quickly supported by a series of large trading platforms after forking. This shows that the major trading platform for BTP in the future development potential recognition.
On top of that, the BTPB team took concrete steps to deliver on their promises to investors, signing a partnership agreement with Storm Player earlier this year, and the lending chain, with superstars working in depth. The BTP team is also active at the national roadshow across the chain of blocks, and these efforts show that the BTP team is a real team that is really doing things and has gained a lot of supporters with its actions.
BTP, which has more economical transaction costs and faster transactions, will launch blockchain stores in the next step to achieve one-stop payments for food, clothing, housing and transportation. And. BTP will link up with the upcoming blockchain project, which will be widely used in a wide range of areas as a currency of payment. This suggests that the BTP is not just a fork coin, but also a real-world application scenario. Is a strong applied currency.
It is for these reasons that the BTP is able to survive the bear market in the currency ring, which now has as many as 1, 400 competing currencies. In 2018, among all kinds of currencies, the elimination of the fittest was inevitable. In the end, only the excellent currency such as BTP could stand out in the competition.



How to run a BTP miner program?

1.Get your own wallet address
There are several ways to gain your own wallet address.
(1)Acquire a Bitcoin Pay(BTP) wallet address, go to
(2) Download Bitpie Wallet App, open this app and change your coin to Bitcoin Pay(BTP)(at upper-left corner), and get a Bitcoin Pay(BTP) address.
(download Bitpie app at

2.Choose the right edition miner program to download according your computer
Download Windows Bitcoin Pay(BTP) nVidia Miner
Download Linux Bitcoin Pay(BTP) nVidia Miner
Download Windows Bitcoin Pay(BTP) AMD Miner
Download Linux Bitcoin Pay(BTP) AMD Miner

3.Replace the wallet address in your miner’s script(for windows, it’s start-Bitcoin Pay(BTP).bat; for linux, it’s with the address you acquire at step 1
e.g, in start-Bitcoin Pay(BTP).bat: miner –server –user PsbbgYuUoDWx9JokYigi5uUUmLtSapLg7y.MyWorker –pass x –port 3980
Replace PsbbgYuUoDWx9JokYigi5uUUmLtSapLg7y with your own wallet address. Then save the file and double-click to run it.

(1)Make sure you download the right edition program.
(2)Make sure your graphics driver is the newest(otherwise, unexpectedly quits will happen).
(3)Some anti-virus software will consider the miner program as a virus.You should add the software to whitelist or turn off the anti-virus software first.
(4)Open your miner by command line in your current directory when encountering a problem and you are not sure what it is.
(5)To get more detail instruction,see the BitcoinPayMiningReadme.docx
Writen for pascal gpus but works on cards with at least 1Gb memory, and Compute Capability 3 and higher.
Miner contain dev fee 1%.